The Cake

Hampshire College Mainstage Theater, Emily Dickinson Hall, Hampshire College 893 West Street, Amherst

Silverthorne Theater Company presents the final production of our 2023 season, Bekah Brunstetter's The Cake. Directed by Gina Kaufmann, performances will take place at the Mainstage Theater at Hampshire College in Amherst, from June 9th - 17th. Starring Elizabeth Aspenlieder*, Sam Samuels*, Tahmie Der, Claudia Maurino, and Gabriel Levey. Della, a vivacious, white conservative North Carolina baker, faces a crisis of conscience when Jen – whom she loves like a daughter – asks her to bake a special cake for her wedding – to a Black woman. This romantic comedy is a recipe for unexpected turns and unexpected empathy. Baking a cake takes time, rich ingredients and a lotta love. Please note: In the best interest of all our patrons and personnel, we are requiring audience [read more]

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