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February 12-14 @ 7:30 pm

12 actors, 15 short plays representing the finalists chosen from over 400 pieces submitted in 2019 from as far away as New Zealand.

Friday, February 12 will feature 8 plays directed by Julian Findlay.

Saturday, February 13 will have 7 plays under the direction of Ben Ware.

Each night the audience members will have a chance to vote for their top 4 favorite shows, and Sunday, February 14, the top 8 shows will be streamed again!

Tickets available here: https://stc.booktix.com/

Individual Tickets ($15)

Ticket Packages

    • SHORT & SWEET (tiny) NEW PLAY FESTIVAL PASS: Includes one ticket each to all 3 shows ($35)

The Short & Sweet (tiny) New Play Festival is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Saturday, February 13 (Group B) Plays

Directed by Ben Ware

Raghead, by Tom Coash (New Haven, CT)

Coming straight to her blind date from an audition wearing a hijab, Sarah startles Nick who had had very different expectations.

Sarah- Amanda Bowman

Nick- Brandon Lee

Jump, by Gina Femia (Brooklyn, NY)

Two teens hang out on a pier trying to make sense of their friend’s suicide.

Froggie- Luke Smith

North- Amanda Bowman

Mishpocha, by Emily P Bloch (Easthampton, MA)

Rachel brings her non-binary partner Jo to meet her grandmother Bubs, revealing her queerness for the first time and learning much about the older woman in the process.

Jo- Kyle Boatwright

Rachel- Amanda Bowman

Bubs- Jane Barish

Indelible, by John Bavoso (Washington, DC)

Markus panics when his partner uncharacteristically comes home with a tattoo proclaiming his love for him.

Markus- Luke Smith

Preston- Brandon Lee

Four Daughters, by Ellen Wittlinger (Haydenville, MA)

In the MFA in Boston, Ruth just wants to lose herself in contemplation of her favorite painting of four girls, but brash Joann makes this impossible until we learn Ruth’s history.

Ruth- Jane Barish

Joanne- Penney Hulten

Family Game Night, by Peter Kennedy (Williamsburg, MA)

As the family plays a new game, issues of responsibility and trust bubble up to the surface.

Dad- Brandon Lee

Mom- Sharon Weyers

Andrea- Amanda Bowman

Max- Luke Smith

A Wake, by Brian Petti (Slate Hill, NY)

Two old friends meet at a wake and revel in their shared memories when one realizes a disturbing truth.

Woman #1- Kyle Boatwright

Woman #2- Penney Hulten

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