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February 12-14 @ 7:30 pm

12 actors, 15 short plays representing the finalists chosen from over 400 pieces submitted in 2019 from as far away as New Zealand.

Friday, February 12 will feature 8 plays directed by Julian Findlay.

Saturday, February 13 will have 7 plays under the direction of Ben Ware.

Each night the audience members will have a chance to vote for their top 4 favorite shows, and Sunday, February 14, the top 8 shows will be streamed again!

Tickets available here: https://stc.booktix.com/

Individual Tickets ($15)

Ticket Packages

    • SHORT & SWEET (tiny) NEW PLAY FESTIVAL PASS: Includes one ticket each to all 3 shows ($35)

The Short & Sweet (tiny) New Play Festival is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Friday, February 12 (Group A) Plays

Directed by Julian Findlay

Interventions, by Greg Lam (Milton, MA)

In a bit of a sci-fi moment, a crisis in Ariel and Lil’s relationship threatens to change the course of history for their as-yet unborn child.

Ariel- Linda Tardif
Cassandra- Autumn Tustin
Lil- Kate Glowatsky

Canvas, by Andrew Heinrich (San Antonio, TX)

The grieving mother of a soldier who died in Afghanistan takes issue with a man she sees wearing an Army jacket when it becomes clear he is not really a veteran.

Casey- Thom Griffin
Martha- Linda Tardif

Second Look, by Nick Malakhow (Cambridge, MA)

Two men meet while taking a break outside a gay bar with surprising consequences.

Robbie- Luke Smith
Jason- Ryan Dunn

Cell Phone in the Yoga Class, by Michele Markarian (Cambridge, MA)

An object lesson of the devastating capacity of a cell phone to destroy tranquility and drive people crazy!

Ben- Luke Smith
Rae- Kate Glowatsky
Jenna- Linda Tardif
Ruby- Autumn Tustin

A Gift, by Joshua Prouser (Enfield, CT)

Jacob brings a special gift for his father David in the memory-care facility where the older man scarcely recognizes him.

Jacob- Luke Smith
David- Thom Griffin
Elizabeth- Autumn Tustin

People Will Talk, by Scott Mullen (Burbank, CA)

Meeting up on a ledge high above the city, Martha and Owen share wine and reveal the reasons why each plans to jump off.

Owen- Luke Smith
Martha- Kate Glowatsky

Choices, by James McLindon (Northampton, MA)

Who wouldn’t want to practically eliminate their crushing student debt except when faced with a hitch in the plan?

Counselor- Thom Griffin
Client-  Ryan Dunn

Webster’s Bitch, by Jacqueline Bircher (Brooklyn, NY)

In the inner sanctum of the Webster’s Dictionary editorial room, panic reigns as they discover a major oversight in their definition of a common term.

Joyce- Linda Tardif
Ellie- Kate Glowatsky
Nick- Ryan Dunn
Gwen- Autumn Tustin

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