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The Broken Machine by Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by Gina Kaufmann
Performs June 7 – June 16
Mac and The Gray Fox flee climate chaos in this futuristic fantasy with a vaudeville flair
THE BROKEN MACHINE aka MAC: woman, 40’s – 60’s, any race
GRAY: a gray fox but not evidently so (male), any race
JANE: young woman, any race
JOE: young man, any race
THE PSYCHOPOMP: young, non-binary person, any race
Bulrusher by Eisa Davis
Directed by Michelle Ong-Hendrick
Performs July 5 – July 14
A lyrical, uplifting coming-of-age story of a clairvoyant Black girl in Northern California in 1955
BULRUSHER: young Black woman (18 – 24)
MADAME: white-presenting, bi-racial woman (white & Native) (35 – 55)
LOGGER: Black man (40 – 60)
SCHOOLCH: white man (45 – 65)
BOY: white, plays guitar (18 – 22)
VERA: young Black woman (17 – 22)
Smart People by Lydia R. Diamond
Directed by Michael Ofori
Performs August 2 – August 11
A comedy of errors in which a white, male professor proves white people are racist – a conclusion not
appreciated by the prestigious university that employs him

VALERIE JOHNSTON: 24, African American.  Recently graduated A.R.T.  Acting MFA.
JACKSON MOORE: 28, African American.  Harvard Med School.  Surgical Intern on Rotation.
BRIAN WHITE: 36-42, White. Tenured professor at Harvard. Neuro-psychiatrist. Studies patterns of racial identity and perceptions.
GINNY YOUNG: 34-40, East or Southeast Asian American.  No accent.  Only speaks English. Respected tenured professor of psychology at Harvard. Studies race and identity among Asian American women.

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