Silverthorne Actors Bewitched Halloween at Highland!

Silverthorne actors took part in the Greenfield Recreation Department’s first-ever Halloween at Highland Park Drive-Thru event on Thursday, October 30. Working at the Greenfield Business Association’s station which featured Witches and Black Cats were Stephanie Carlson (at the potions table), Kimberly Salditt-Poulin being very witchy, Thom Griffin whose vampire checked with occupants of each car whether they had donated blood lately, and Kim’s son Zac who was a cheerful warlock! Lucinda Kidder stirred a cauldron full of eye-of-newt stew for take-out customers. Over 570 cars drove through the park over the two-hour period of the event and all agreed that despite the cold, it was a fantastically fun way to celebrate a COVID Halloween.