As the resident theater company at Hawks & Reed in downtown Greenfield, MA, we welcome new scripts. Our mission is to present adventurous thought-provoking theatrical experiences, including productions of classic, contemporary and new works for diverse audiences.

We have produced several new plays since our founding in 2014, but we have some very real limitations. Please read our guidelines and requirements thoroughly before submitting your play.


We offer a season of rehearsed readings of plays, called Theater Thursdays, that are new to us and usually have not yet been fully produced. Though we give priority to regional artists, we accept submissions, in English only, from playwrights across the country and abroad.

We have, on occasion, produced new plays as part of our main season. The determination of the suitability of a particular play for this kind of consideration is entirely at the discretion of the Literary Manager, in consultation with the Managing Director.


Our performance space is small and not a traditional theater space. We have no wings, a limited backstage, and the space is used for other events and must retain its multipurpose character. Thus we are limited in our technical abilities and are unable to support extraordinary technical requirements.

Due to our limitations, we can only consider new plays that require no more than eight actors [reasonable doubling included].

Our audience is sophisticated and used to challenging and thought-provoking theater that’s also tasteful and does not include gratuitous shock elements.


If you wish to submit a play to STC, please send the casting requirement and the first twenty pages of your manuscript as a single document (e-file) to the STC Literary Manager via email.

Please also include the following information with your sample pages in a single separate document:
• Playwright’s biography or resume (maximum two pages)
• Production history of the play (if any)
• Play synopsis and theme(s)
• How you believe your play meets STC’s stated goals

Plays that are sent to us without this additional information will not be considered by STC. We will contact you if we wish to see your complete script. Please note that our literary department consists entirely of volunteers, so we are unable to respond to submissions with any detailed feedback, though we will try to send you information as to whether and how we are considering your play, though it could take six months or more for us to come to any final decisions.
If you have any questions or concerns before submitting your sample pages and required additional information to STC, please contact us via email.